Structural Aviation Modification & Repair

Airframe-Certified Technician Servicing Commercial, Private, Government, & Prototype Aircrafts

Need Help with your Commercial, Private, Government, or Prototype Aircraft?

Give Your Aircraft what it Needs to Take Flight

We love planes, helicopters, and anything else you can make that takes flight. That passion for building incredible aircrafts is what has driven us to provide individuals, companies, and even government entities across the globe, with the many solutions they need to get their ideas and aircrafts off the ground.


We’ll help you make your prototype a reality.


We’ll help get your aircraft built from scratch.


We’ll get things running and up in the air again.

Augment your Crew with Our Services

We provide a number of solutions to fill the gaps in your creation, assembly, or repair processes.

Extensive Industry Experience

With two decades of experience in aviation, we have developed the skills and knowledge required to handle even the most complex structural repairs and modifications.


With an unparalleled attention to detail, we guarantee the highest degree of excellence on the assembly line.

Easy to
Work With

When you contract us to join your crew, we make working with us easy and enjoyable for everyone in your organization.

Clear the Runway.

Let’s Partner Together.

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